Redefining Possibilities: Through Customized Tutoring Services, The Stimulus Effects Students Earned an Average Score of 91% on Finals for the 2011-2012 School Year

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

How about blazing through currency arbitrage problems on an international finance exam? How about accurately diagramming circuits for a state science test? How about insightfully comparing and contrasting Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story for an English final? How about raising your math average by over 40% in three weeks, and earning a 92 on your final? These are just some of the ways students around the country have ended the year with the help of The Stimulus Effects customized, online and in-person tutoring.

Honestly, it was really frustrating at first, says Scott, an MBA student and sales professional in Atlanta, GA. A lot of the financial concepts were foreign, and thinking about how to put together all the materialin time for the testwas daunting. But, through the tutors guidance and some really helpful follow-up exercises, it became understandable and practical. 100 on a research proposalwow, says Christina, a behavioral therapist and Ph.D. student in St. Petersburg, FL. Its still surprising. The statistical analysis was really intimidating before; but, after some hands-on work with a tutor at The Stimulus Effect, the paper really came together. Margaret, an international finance major in Sacramento, CA had similar positive experiences. Who knew talking about interest rates and forward contracts would be fun? she said with smile. The month before was incredibly stressful, and failure seemed like a scary, and real, option. But with the tutors optimism, confidence, and humor, an A seemed totally possible. She made all the difference. According to these students, The Stimulus Effects customized instruction, interactive content, and individualized approach helped them succeed.

Students often come to The Stimulus Effect, during these high-stakes periodsmidterms, finals, SATs, GMATs, licensing exams, etc.when so much rides on one score, says Arziki Phenyo, The Stimulus Effects founder. However, the tutors are able to get past that nervousness, turning anxiety into confidence. By finding exactly where the knowledge gaps lie; offering intensive reviews where students are underperforming; and, just as importantly, offering a supportive, yet challenging, learning environment where students are free to redefine possibilities, the company has helped many students make significant progress within weeks. These are other features that drive The Stimulus Effects success:

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