“PUNCH” A Poetry Book Like No Other

Punch Book Cover

PUNCH is a book of experimental poetry by author Radoslav Rochallyi. These are poems based on mathematics, especially on mathematical equations. Both the texts and the equations are based on the author’s need to divide the text into a semantically and formally clear form. This work does not belong to concrete, pattern, graphic, code, FIB, cadae or visual poetry. It is a clear alternative approach in postmodern creation.

Radoslav Rochally
Poet Radoslav Rochallyi

Radoslav Rochallyi (1980, Bardejov) is a philosopher, writer and poet. The author finished his studies in Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Presov (1999–2005) and completed postgraduate PhD. He is a member of Mensa and member of The Royal Society of Literature in UK.