Elizabeth Anne, a 27 year old entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada, has created a major fashion innovation that she calls “the world’s first purse for your feet” – designer boots with interior pockets custom made to fit smart phones, house keys, credit cards and cash. After a 2 year journey of coming up with the concept, designing the boots, patenting them and having them manufactured, the boots are now available to the public, appropriately called “Purse n Boots ” with the tagline being “the world’s first purse for your feet”.
“I came up with the Purse n Boots concept when I would go out on the town with friends to dance” says Elizabeth. “I would never want to drag my purse around so I’d keep my cash, cell phone and credit cards in my boots. Without this being invented yet, it only half worked. I’d end up at the end of the night with change by my feet and a lost cell phone! So I thought there must be a better way.”
When designing these unique boots, Elizabeth focused on using the best of the best materials available. “Purse n Boots” are made of the highest grade napa leathers and equipped with a 3 mm rubber sole for extra traction. Hidden elastic goring is placed on the top, inner portion of boot to accommodate the hidden items.
When asked what she has planned for “Purse n Boots” in 2012, she says “These boots are going to reach a lot more people. Sales and word-of-mouth have gone up, and I think that’s going to continue. I’m happy to see so many women excited about spreading the word! I also have multiple new designs in the works so keep checking in to see what’s new. We hope to make this a worldwide phenomenon.”
For more information on “Purse n Boots” please visit www.elizabethanneshoes.com or www.facebook.com/elizabethanneshoes.