Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

Bella Bella Boutique is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with the Association of International Boudoir Photographers. The boutique will be the sole featured lingerie boutique for the AIBP as well as offering a number of select services to boudoir photographers and their customers.

This partnership is an exciting new development in Bella Bella Boutique’s ongoing support of boudoir photographers and their clients. For several years Bella Bella Boutique has collected and curated a Directory of Boudoir Photographers for the benefit of their lingerie customers. Bella Bella Boutique will also be introducing a new blog category devoted to Boudoir Photography. The new blog space will cover interviews with select boudoir photographers that are members of AIBP as well as tips for those interested in scheduling a boudoir photography session. “I love the creative and artistic ways that these boudoir photographers showcase both lingerie and women’s bodies,” says Aline Machado, owner of Bella Bella Boutique.

Bella Bella Boutique will be working with the boudoir photographers from AIBP network and their clients to help pick out the perfect lingerie and accessories for their photoshoots, offer personalized service through emails or by phone and helping to create looks to suit any body shape, style preference or photoshoot concept.

About Bella Bella Boutique:

Bella Bella Boutique is an exquisite lingerie e-boutique offering a carefully edited selection of fine intimate apparel from all over the world, luxurious gifts, and high-end boudoir accessories. More than a lingerie e-boutique, Bella Bella Boutique is a lifestyle brand.

Bella Bella Boutiques finest collections define a new category which empowers exploration of fantasy, communication of desire, and wellbeing. Bella Bella is at the cutting-edge of style, beauty, and elegance always looking to bring exclusive, upscale, and beautiful lingerie to their customers.

About the Association of International Boudoir Photographers:

AIBP is the online home for photographers as well as enthusiasts of boudoir photography. It is an exclusive place for artists (mainly photographers) to come together and showcase their passions and talents related to Boudoir/Boudoir Photography. Their mission is to encourage boudoir photographers & enthusiasts to join this one-of-a-kind online forum, where conversation topics are endless & never off-limits. Also to find out about contests, workshops, ways to increase their profits, technical shooting tips, places to get the best/most reasonably priced equipment and especially to discuss day-to-day boudoir answer for questions which clients tend to ask.

For more information, please contact:

Aline Machado


Phone: 1-888-769-0761

Boudoir Photographers please contact:

Erin Zahradka